Finance and Advisory

We carry out various consulting missions:

Tax, labor, and business law consulting: 
what legal structure should I adopt for my company? How can I manage my investments? What does the say Law about Paid Leaves? What’s the best way to generate revenue to my company?

Financial and investment studies:
how should I present an application for a loan to the bank? What grants can I ask for to carry out my project?  What are the financial solutions for my next investment?

Organizational and financial diagnosis:
how is my company evolving? Is there any risk of insolvency? Has the ROCE increased after an organizational change?

Cost accounting and management cost set up:
what key indicators will help me take the best decisions? In consequence, how should IT parameters be defined? How can I be sure the budget is not exceeded?

Specialization in offshore and free zones:
can I set up my company in one of these zones? What’s the tax regulation this year? Within 5 years? What currency should I use? Is there any limit regarding money transfers?

Seminar and trainings organization:
up-to-date “Appropriation Bill”, Business law, financial diagnosis…