Furthermore, companies have to endure to increasingly complex and broadening regulatory requirements that constitute a security for company stakeholders: shareholders, investors, banks, providers, clients, etc.

Strong qualified and independent assurance encourages companies to meet these requirements.

We handle two kinds of missions:

I. Assurance
In the frame of compulsory legal audit, we carry out detailed analysis of the company’s financial statements. Our mission, which is based on opinion, consists in certifying that the annual accounts are of good faith (Bona Fide) and that they give accurate image of the entity’s assets, financial state and result.

II. External audit
We also carry out full or limited external audit missions that consist in confirming the veracity of the financial information, for example before they’re presented to a third party or shareholders, or a decision to merge, etc. This efficient audit guarantees the optimization of the means implemented by the entity, on levels such as finance, IT…